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About Us

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Sticker Time started in 2019 as an Online Store. We used to have a typical Bricks and Mortar store in Maroochydore, Queensland and were providing Custom graphics design for cars, Signs, Stickers, Words for walls, Car Sign Writing and so on. Our aim is to provide quality Computer Cut Vinyl Lettering to the public in a timely manner and of the highest quality. We took a considerable amount of time in research and development in providing our Designer Lettering software, known as our Sticker Picker”.

Would you believe it took us over eight months to develop our Sticker Picker Software that we use on this site today!

I had some knowledge on how to “Code” in PHP and HTML, but the more I invested my time into what I wanted the final product to be, it soon became obvious that I needed some help with coding. I enlisted the help of an acquaintance I had in Texas in the US, and between us it took hours and lots of brain storming to be able to get the Website software to output the final text sizes the same as my Sign program.

So, math is not my greatest asset, and yet I had to learn how to work out when a text was input into a screen input box then the output had to equal the same as my Sign software, which also had to output the price. All sounded so simple in the beginning. You have to find a “Sweet Spot” in the Fonts you are using. In other words, what in mathematics is called the “Golden Ratio” but that’s a story for another day.

To say the least, this was a project I had not thought was going to be so in depth. All I wanted to produce was a product that lets my customers put personalized lettering into a calculator and it returns a total size and price.

That’s easy, I hear you say! Just a calculator right. Nope!  Actually, one of the easier parts of making this software was making an excel spreadsheet with my prices on it so we could call a function to this in the code to output the final price. I have had plenty of experience with excel spreadsheets in the past, so on to the next part.

Getting the functions to work out the Height x Length of a Font that the Customer selects. Then once that is done, having that to be within a + – 5mm tolerance of my Sign Cutting Software.

Here is an example of the different variables I had to contend with. Bear in mind, this is only one part of the equation.

Font Example Equation

Some Software programs I came across only worked out the Text input by the Size of a capital X for example. But when you are offering the Customer a choice of Fonts, and those fonts are to be Cut on a Plotter (in my case a Roland GS24). Well, you have to be within millimeters of the actual final size. Let’s face it, if you are coming to Sticker Time and you want some Graphics for Vehicles, or Labels for Cars, then you need to know that the Sticker will fit the back window or side panel of that vehicle.

Tip: Measure the overall area you want your lettering to be in. Height x Length, and allow at least a minimum of 20mm all around. This is what we call “Bleed”. To put it another way, if you have an area you want your car Sign Writing to be in and it is say, 700mm long x 300mm high, then your car graphics should be no larger than 660mm x 260mm. Allowing 20mm either end, and at the top and bottom.

So, to sum it all up!

Whether you need Words for Walls, or personalized lettering for your Car or Boat, we have made it as easy as we possibly can. All you have to do is enter your desired Text into our Sticker Picker, select your font, we have 66 cutting fonts for you to choose from. Then select the size you require, the Color, the quantity required, and last of all, just decide whether you need it as a normal cut or Reverse cut.

If you are wanting to place stickers on the inside of a shop window or car window, then you will need to have us “Reverse Cut” your sticker or Words. Visit our Instruction page on How to Install Computer Cut Lettering.

Don’t forget to visit our Tips and Tricks pages to find some DIY Tutorials on How to Apply Computer Cut Designer Lettering. We will also be including a Video Tutorial shortly for those that prefer a Visual approach, rather than having to rely on reading; if that’s your style of learning. We all learn in different ways, right!


Thank you for reading About Us! And we look forward to providing you with the Very Best in Customer Satisfaction. I hope your experience on this site is a pleasant one.


Warm Regards,
Wayne Junor
Sticker Time Manager